Baby daddy drama


I'm just a mom

That raising 3 kids 

and going to school online

when the hubby is working all day to take care of us 

then I hear the phone ring 


 Hello it was my 2 years old son's dad starting his drama 

I say why do you have to start with me every time you call 

He told me I miss you and my son 

I told him you had your chance and  you blow it 

He told me I know but I'm not going to stop until I have you 

I told him that's not going to happen you need to move on 

He told me  no I'm not going to move on your the mother of my child

I know I'm the mother of your child but that doesn't mean I'm going back to you 

He asked me way 

I told because I'm happy 

the kids are happy 

He told me well I'm not happy 

I told him that's on you 

He told me  he would be happy if he had me

I told him that's not going to happen 

He asked why 

I say I have to go I'm not dealing with this baby daddy drama

He told  me ok can I talk to my son  

I told him yes just for a little  

My son gets on the phone 

Hello daddy what's up  

His daddy told him nothing much 

His son told him, daddy, why do you always have to start drama with mommy 

Daddy told him, son, I don't know I just do 

Son go ok daddy I have to go 

I get back on the phone and say I have to go 

He told her ok 

After I got off the phone with the 2 years old daddy 

The phone rings 


It was my 5 years old son daddy this time 

I asked him what do you want Josh 

he told me I miss you

I told him I'm married and happy 

He told me I'm not happy without you 

I told him I'm sorry 

He goes for what 

I say because  you're not happy without me

He told me well it's not your fault It's his

I go, Josh, would you like to talk to your son

He told me yes I would love to talk to my son 

So  the 5-year-old boy gets on the phone

Hello  daddy what's up

His daddy goes nothing much buddy 

Son goes that's good 

Daddy asked him how school 

Son goes well It's ok 

Daddy asked why Is It just ok 

Son goes well It's just school dad 

Daddy just LOL 

Son told his daddy I love you 

Daddy told him I love you, 2 buddy

Son told his daddy I have to go and do my homework

Daddy goes ok get it done

Son goes ok Love you 

Daddy Goes love you 2

I get back on the phone 

Josh, I Have to go

He goes ok

Then the phone rings again

It was from the prison 

I Say hello 

 Benji asked to talk to his 14 years daughter 

I told him she can not talk to you 

He asked why 

I told him because you raped me 

He goes I'm sorry can I talk to my daughter I told him no

He asked why 

I told him you can't be around kids 

He told me I can Talk to her 

I told him the last time you talked to her  you told her thing that she did not need to know

He goes ok bye just tell Ally I love her 

I go ok 


no more phone calls after that 








  • Author: adeana stobs (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 10th, 2017 15:56
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • burning-embers

    A revelation. Wonderfully put together to give and insight into your life. You're remarkable mother. But i guess thats what a mother is. Thank you for sharing.

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