Love's Oath

Did ever so long hast grievance scarced all happiness? That all the world's province canst not be blunter. For your heart is far too poisoned with sorrow to bring comfort hitherward. I am to you bound, and with unborrowed eyes I am myself not so merit. Thou who art far more flourished by every vow'd constancy, to be the more enchanting. By blunting wits are mine oaths more keen. And many there were, that did fonder eyes subdue. For when we rage, were perjured oaths oft seen? Ne'er hast I vow-broke to misuse thee. And I have twenty vow's of honest faith, that I am to love thee swearing. For all my oaths are of new love bearing. And if I should break but one, then letst I be the young fool of treason. That thou who's dear love may break thy own vow with no greater reason.




  • myself and me

    Oath might be broken, but love will last. So glad you are in love.

  • Martina Lynch

    This was a difficult read for me for I have not studied this form of I read and I read and I read and now I think... you are indeed, in Love...beautiful!

    • Sefrin

      Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

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