Untitled: May 23, 2017

I have a dream, but i have some monsters inside of me that I have to conquer. I've conjured up some dead monsters, drafted evil partners into my members. I remember walking in a vision till there was a division in my mission. You see, my flesh started itching, so I shook hands with dark (not a fan of this word here) set in place to calm the itch, but not the infection. If you do a deep inspection of my multiple complexions, you'll find numerous inconsistencies and deceptions.....and you might even see your own reflection. You see, you and I aren't that different.... or far apart. Who we are in broad day light is deception to who we really are in the dark. In the dark we believe we are hidden, giving ourselves away to the secret sins we keep persisting in. We go about our lives with the same lying smirk Lucifer had the day he tried taking the throne he felt he deserved. We have the same perverted agenda he had from the moment we were disconnected from our mothers placenta. You see, we were born into it. And no matter how hard you or I try to get away, night will always follow after the day, and we are left alone with our depraved brains. I don't want to expose problems without solutions, but I've come to this one conclusion. Unless you know you're sick and imprisoned, becoming clean and being set free isn't even a solution. I've got the remedy, but i'm not quite sure you're ready to have it, nor do I feel I've fully grasped it. But maybe, Healing and Redemption can come to those who believe they need it, and seek it with all their allegiance. Peace. Its possible. Can you see it?

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