The world is out there!

You just have to find it..

We constantly put these lies in the light,

therefore, we are blinded.

Should we close our eyes!?

Or just sit in the dark..

Should we expose our minds!?

To continue this art..

Greed and gluttony contaminate the air,

as we breathe in our own toxins.

Our stomachs; empty from desire and despair.

Innocent lives stripped from innocence ; with a hand made for care.

I sip water from a fountain, as if the water was even there.

Shall we die of thirst..

These leaves lay dry in dirt..

As I pound these perks;

telling myself I'm having fun.

Or strive off these pesticides that reside underneath the sun.

Do I see a vision of freedom, or put my faith in a phone.

Compassion for these shows, but they show me a cordless home.


As we reconnect, we're neglecting;

the value of those perspectives;

we see but we don't respect it.

I bleed the same from your weapon.




  • RickyMcG

    We are killing our own mother, mother nature. Earth. Corruption, greed and the rarity of real has made us "disconnected."

    That is what I get from your poem. And a great poem it is. Very truthful.

    • eyeamsoule

      Yes! We are disconnected from each other, nature and the mother Earth; the very planet we live on. Social media, Advertisements, T.V shows, News, Movies nd Hollywood in general are the greatest forms of propaganda and brainwashing. We have all been lead in the wrong direction of what we think life should be; leaving us disconnected from the world we live in. So in the end, nobody is really living their own life.

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