Antonio Valetoria


stand before me

Look in my eyes

Slide your hands to your hips

Hook your thumbs on either side

Pull the fabric tight

Let it sink in deep

Let it soak in your hunger

Your hunger... for me...

Look in my eyes

Slide them down

Bring them to my face

Let your fragrance serenade

Every single sense i have

Look in my eyes

As i take them from you

And ring them in a twist

Let your soul drip on my tongue

Look in my eyes..

Ask me if i love you



  • Martina Lynch

    Your writing is really do make people feel it...just brilliant!
    I would buy a book of your poetry as a way to keep in touch with my own make me quite competitive. lol. A lot of admiration!

    • Antonio Valetoria

      What a flattering an awesome compliment thank you very much

      • Martina Lynch

        You don't need it...I like when I come across writing that is in my vein, so to speak, it wakes me up!

      • Michael Edwards

        And admiration from me too - love your work Antonio

        • Antonio Valetoria

          Thank you Michael im very flattered to be admired by other talented writers.
          Ibe always been rather shy about my writing this is the only place i share it

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Antonio - this is a good place to share. there are few others - if any - which are concerned with poetry without silly badges and awards - this site concerns itself with just straight poetry. I do think it would be richer if there were a forum in which we could discuss our work and poetry in general but sadly we limited to making comments as here against individual postings.

            Also the search facilities are sadly lacking - I wanted to look up a poets work (who is no longer posting) and could find no way that worked to get back to it until I recalled I had a pm from him and managed to find it via that. However mustn't complain - it's a great free resource for which I am grateful.

          • Kat

            Beautifully written! As we read this we get a look at what was behind your eye!

            • Antonio Valetoria

              Thank you kat...youre always very kind

              • Kat

                Your welcome!

              • Santita

                Speechless...I love this

                • Antonio Valetoria

                  Well youve writen things that have left me in a simular we are evenâ˜ș thank you Santita

                • FredPeyer

                  'Let your fragrance serenade
                  Every single sense i have'.
                  Antonio, your poem serenaded every single sense I have, because right from the first word I saw my wife standing in front of me. Talk about the power of imagination! Wonderfully written, as always, I might add.

                • Candlewitch

                  WOW... as always!!! your writings set the soul ablaze! I, too would buy a book of poetry that you wrote! is one available yet? pure liquid fire!!!

                  *hugs, Cat

                • Fay Slimm

                  Hypnotic expressions of tender love before an appeal to be asked for assurance in that great last line. Fine work again Antonio.

                  • Antonio Valetoria

                    Thank you for seeing it as intended...a love that is so thirsts for the very fluids of its mate...for her to know he loves her in a way words can not convey

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Super write Antonio, the eroticism is wonderfully understated and it works so well.

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