molten silver

Fleshy tears are eating my heart; 
Skin melts off my bone. 
I am painting the sheets with 
A coat of myself - 
Not a woman, but a stain.
Something to be washed out
And forgotten. 

You are a lead sprinkler.
What is it that you hold?

It has an enchanting metal glint
And so I sip it when it is poured.
My throat is long gone,
My stomach worn; 
It is swallowing my ribs.

It is not just pain - 
It is pain that glitters. 
Pain that is precious.
Pain with value.
Pain that others pay for. 
Pain that you give freely
And so grateful I should be.

You are now an empty case
And I am a puddle on
The bedspread. 
You must go home, 
Refill yourself 
And hunt for a new girl
To burn.



  • Louis Gibbs

    Dark and juicy, this one. I like it. Congratulations, and welcome to MPS!

    • draculazy

      Thank you!!!

    • FredPeyer

      Welcome to MPS, Becca!
      'I am painting the sheets with a coat of myself', wonderful writing. Your poem drew me in and did not let go to the last line.

      • draculazy

        Thank you so much!

      • Candlewitch


        this was an amazing read... it woke me up for sure! some excellent lines here! welcome to mps. it is very nice to meet you!

        *hugs, Cat

        • draculazy

          Thank you!! :D

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