Sestina 1


I’m good, I said climbing the trees.
I think music is the job for me.
Thanks, the quitting made me look silly.
They who were the elimination of fun.
Proud of what used to give pimples.
Praising seven faced fields of beautiful sky.


You took my hand as we gazed at the sky.
You never told me a lie. You only gave the leaves to the trees.
Why did my face have to have pimples?
Why did they not like me?
I feel like I missed out on fun.
I wish I didn't ever feel silly.


Where do you come from, silly?
Where is Venus in the sky?
Sounds like you guys had fun.
Sounds good. Did you all swing on the vines on the trees?
Did you save some for me?
Did he wash his face. He gets some many pimples.


Crap I see some pimples.
Crap he wasn't talking to me. Now I look silly.
Look at me.
Look, Don't you want to make it to the sky?
Games are played outside by the pond and the oak trees.
Games are played for fun.


Was this fun?
Was that paint on the boy's face or just pimples?
To the trees!
To the park, silly.
Freshman, stop looking at the sky.
Freshman, you need to put more effort into it. Be like me.


Text that girl to see if she likes me.
Texting girls isn't a good way to ask them out. Isn't that fun.
Spending my days walking the sky.
Spending money to get rid of pimples.
Anything you do makes you look silly.
Anything I see reminds me of those ol’ trees.


Fridays are great for popping pimples and sketching trees.
Dancing, it makes me feel silly.
Either fly up into the sky or quit thinking and have fun.


  • Author: Tomo (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 12th, 2017 17:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: I tried to write a sestina and this is what came out.
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • myself and me

    It is such a hard poetic format to follow. Congratulation, you did such a good job.

    • Thoff1

      Thank you

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