YouTube drama


lets start with the word Hate my grandma always says hate is a strong word. In fact the word Hate means having feeling for of intense or passionate dislike for ( someone )


Lets start with alissa violet let me first just say she is so beautiful but the tweet rice sent out twist's my brain. Alissa clothes or chanel and Erika' s or Wal-Mart. Let me first just say that not everyone is rich not everyone can afford Gucci shoes let me ask you this would you trade your eyesight for Gucci shoes? No. Ok or me raise the bar high would you trade your legs, arms and eyesight for 9 billion dollars and 20 pairs of Gucci shoes? No. Let me tell you why you wouldn't, it's because your worth more than anything. Your worth than that shitty chanel or Gucci. Also alissa I thought as a woman I thought you was part of the movement bring each other up instead you bring them down. If you want womanepowerment than we need to work TOGTHER.


Now lets talk about rice. The rice and chanthony drama is the real life trump drama and North Korea. I HOPE YOU KNOW VILOENCE DOSEN'T SOLVE ANYTHING IT JUST MAKE' S MORE HATE. I guess I'm the only person that's not brainwashed I'm a 13 year girl trying find the end of the dark tunnel and into the light.


WELCOME TO YOUR TAPE.... JAKE PAUL. People bullying is doing or saying something over and over I guess im the only one that pays attention in school. In fact the definition is bullying is unwanted, aggressive  behavior amount school age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repated, over time. Jake Paul is just like me and you he's just a boy trying to find his way into the light.


Than we have Erika Costell I really love her last name. They say she's trying to replace alissa BUT PEOPLE A PERSON CAN NEVER BE REPLACE surgeo_Bell said this "you can NEVER be like someone else! Just be yourself and you will find that you'll be much happier that way and accomplish more as well."


Ok lets go Ksi your rap which was a diss mostly to Nick which I couldn't bother finishing the whole thing but you said the only thing you see is fat let me ask you something. When and how is a insult? How come skinny Is not a insult is it because everyone wants to be skinny guess what your wrong society is wrong in fact you all are we all have fat in our body not just Nick. Not everyone can be skinny as you.


Next we have YouTube comments #1 most of you guys are dumb. Why you may ask? Well let me first just state that gay is not an insult it's a sexuality in fact the definition is  a homosexual, especially a man. #2 saying someone sucks dosen't make you Better it dosen't make you on top of the world of it does text me at 911 cause y'all need help.


It mattyb now I'm not the type of girl that even watches him I fact I'm not subscribe to him but I know he gets loads of hate like Jake #1 views equal money so I that case matty wins #2 he's just doing what he loved which is raping yeah he may not BE the best but can you do any better if you can email me at ithinkyoucan'


You may think I'm complaining but I'm not the only one who thinks that other people may agree but won't admit it. You see hate is a problem, but will it solve the problem?


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  • Published: August 12th, 2017 18:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: This means alot i think i might actually present this on YouTube so can you give me luck.
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