David De La Cruz

I'm Sorry

As the days go by 

I sometimes sit

and cry 

Thinking what ever happened to my life 

But at least now I know 

As the day go so slow 

I've done my best 

I've tried.. 

I've always wondered 

how many sorrys does it take 

til we're finally forgiven 

I know I've sinned a lot 

in this life I've lived in

All my wrongs 

aren't always right 

For the first star

I see tonight 

I'm sorry.



  • myself and me

    We can not change what had been done, right or wrong, just leave them behind. We can only do our best from now on.

    • David De La Cruz

      I agree, but my best experience in leaving behind something is putting them in words....

      • myself and me

        Yes. Writing is a good way to let things clog in the chest out. That is the reason I start to write.

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