I sat there on my windowsill, gazing at the scene.

        I knew it was a gloomy day, as rain slid down the screen.

        Why can't the sun come out and make all spirits bright?

        Why am I stuck in my house, every day and night?

        I was about to leave my window side, and lay down bored in bed.

        When suddenly slight movement, caught my eye ahead.

       At first I though these kids were crazy; playing in this rain.

        But as I saw them smile, I had to think again.

        It was then that I realized, just because skies are grey,

        Doesn't mean I should mope around, and stay inside all day.

        Time is what I make of it, weather good or bad.

        Rain can't trap me in my house, making me real sad.

        With that thought I found my boots sitting on the floor.

        I grabbed my hat and grabbed my coat, and headed out the door.


  • Bibbeck

    Welcome ItisI. A brilliant first write on this forum. It reflected how I feel on those many UK rainy days. If it was raining today then I would've rushed out the door more quickly than usual, thanks to the inspiration of your words.

  • Cora

    Beautifully written

  • Louis Gibbs

    A splendid introductory poem, Itisi! Welcome to MPS. Keep them coming.

  • Candlewitch

    hello ItisI,

    good poem full of wisdom! nice to meet you!

    *hugs, Cat

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