Obsidian Knight

P.X. Vexxus

The emerald forest radiates lustfully, humming a constant melancholy tune

Reverberating off trees of sadness, beneath the sorrow of a cold graphite moon

A storm echoes imminently, sinister clouds stretching from a frigid ruby mountain

In the center of the madness, amongst the sapphire rain, footsteps silently pounding

Her shimmering tears glisten iridescent underneath the evanescent dim moonlight

The vicious snarling follows close behind, the howling smothering her with fright

The thick, chaotic mist swirls beside her, blanketing the ground with mysterious fear

Snagged on a gnarled root, she collapses into the mud when the beasts appear


The veil dissipates around the enormous, savage shapes of starving silver wolves

Leaping towards her with jaws parted, with immeasurable furiosity uncontrolled

Her scream pierces the atmosphere as a sword suddenly materializes out of thin air

A lean man stands over the pack in triumph, the breeze blowing his long raven hair

The volatile storm rages above, further dragging reality into the depths of an abyss

The blanket of fog thickens, a bell chimes in the distance, sounding the apocalypse

No discussion, dashing through thickets in a labyrinth weaved from a song of despair

Hand in hand they are tormented by the infinite horrors of a hopeless nightmare


Lightning crackles across the ominous sky sending waves of fire through the clouds

An explosion rips apart the melody like shattered glass, siphoning the world of sound

Flaming wings emerge from shadowed obscurity, shrieking, rumbling, rolling thunder

Smoldering towards the barren battlefield transformed by ancient dwelling hunger


A malevolent silhouette reveals its unnatural presence from quiet concealed rage

Iron rattling within its grasp, a phantom riding stallions contained by leather reins

Born from corrupted suffering, their charcoal fur hidden by silky midnight manes

Crystal hooves thumping against firm, packed soil as they charge into level plains

A pillar of electricity discharges from the collision of two forces at supersonic speed

A phoenix billowing molten embers at an evil apparition and its demonic steed

Haunted chains tracing through the air, creating swirling vortexes of wind and debris

The pressure deteriorates the land, awakening a statue as mortals escape the trees

Frozen in time at the edge of blood-nourished roots, lone figures witness in awe

Hellhounds racing towards the scene with curved canines and sharp granite claws

A fierce roar splits the fabric of existence as a mighty golden serpent soars overhead

It plunges to the earth with an eruption of dirt, stimulating a potent aura of dread


Infernal demons of unknown origin clash with relentless power, using no restraint

An obsidian knight wields a wicked blade, opening wounds and splattering paint

The canvas becomes tainted, filled with unfathomable memories of forgotten peace

Oils of countless colors blend together, sentiment reflections within a crimson sea

The maelstrom intensifies, a whirlpool complete with mayhem, emotion and will

The battle is consumed by its own hatred, a grim picture stained by a poisoned quill

Water evaporates, the exhibit solidifies and the vision fades as the instruments play

Her agony gleams on amethyst cheeks as she walks into the center of endless decay

Malice snaps and tension shakes, a chasm filled with hostility breaks, infusing hate

An inferno incinerates diamond, emptying a bottomless pool of lingering fate

A distorted sculpture is formed within the horrendous tempest of mutilating torture

When sickening smoke clears, she lies within a tragic crater of a scorched orchard

Turmoil subsides, the weather calms and light beams on the war-torn earth

Deities gather near her burnt mangled corpse, finally able to feel remorse

The ashes of reincarnation flow through their fingertips, reviving innocence

She awakes to harmonious music, embraced by its blazing magnificence

  • Author: P.X. Vexxus (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 13th, 2017 04:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: Gemstone Series VI: Obsidian Knight [February 13, 2017] A Collaboration combining the environments and characters from the previous poems in the Gemstone Series.
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  • Azura Nightsong

    This is fantastic, one of my favorite I've come across on this site, the imagery is astounding, and I have a soft spot for fantasy.

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