Ditty Lines

Rape victim


People standing around

Everything goes black!


There was a day

A morning bright

Then the day ended

And it was night!


There was a boy

There was a girl

They went to bed

There was a baby!


I gave you my heart

But you let go

Love hurts so much

Or didn’t you know!


Time after time

I look at you

And in my heart

I’ve love that’s true!


I’m flying through bright blue skies

To reach the happy world on the other side.


With your unique physique, you make me feel

The things I felt impossible, are real.


I stand on a tower-block tall

To make my built up troubles seem small.


The children are none the wiser

As innocence dies and sin takes over.


Give me diamonds, rubies and pearls

And all I’d want is to be your little girl.


Would you throw away a present

If you didn’t like the wrapping

Then why do you throw away me.


  • FredPeyer

    There are gems in your ditty lines, Bibbeck!

    • Bibbeck

      Thank-you Fred, for your 'vote' on these. Maybe one day then they might make their way into full poems. :-)

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