Jay's Mind


I speak properly without slang.
I have beautiful blonde hair
An beautiful blue eyes.
I have a mansion.
& money i can never run out of.
I am.. White
I have power.
I control everything !
But my dreams...
Every night i sleep an dream im a black man.
I speak of unknown tounge.
I have short nappy hair.
Brown eyes.
An a live in a box.
I am poor. No money.
I have no control over my life.
I just sit an take a syringe filled with lies.
As the lies course through my veins i turn
This has been going on to long.
I think i have 2 lives.
I forgot which one is real.
Am i white or black.
This is to much. I cant see an think straight everything losing its taste, meaning, an color without it. I need more more of whats in this syringe
Somebody please help
Help! Please..
I reach down an see 1
I take it an everything has been put into a fact.
I am colorless.
I float across streets watching my people fall into the trap i did.
I try to get there attention but no one sees or hears me.
I am i gohst. 
Who overdosed off the white mans
Blonde hair
Blue eyes
& money.
I am color less.


  • burning-embers

    Wow mister! You are one hell of a poet!.... And i think that took some guts to write too. Thats very powerful and thought provoking stuff. Please keep writing..... let people around you see what you write, you're a voice i haven't heard. straight into my fav's

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