ode to my body

oh, my body
my oldest friend, 
You make me secure 
You are stunning,
you hold a power higher than men are capable of understanding
the goddess you hold within makes mouths run with water
skin created from the dust from the stars
every scar 
every freckle is valued by me
people will tell you you aren't enough 
but to me you are a home
not a hotel 
not a empty shack 
you aren't a place for men to bury themselves and leave
you are a castle 
you are a temple
Skin runs soft like silk from your favorite panties
Eyes are dark like the chocolates the men give you on valentine's day
You are not a empty museum that people can fill you with treasures to make you feel valued 
You are a home full of your own familiar objects   
i know you better than anyone else
i am close to you
my breath fills your lungs


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