Feel my Pain

Another day has gone

my mind keeps holding on

sour memories of what that has been

but all this pondering

will drive me insane

he will not come back again 

but my heart continues to bleed 

like a wounded dog


Whiles the scars deepen in my heart 

I struggle to live 

I'll give you this misery, I breathe 

I rather take all your pains 

no, another day will come

And I still feel the same

AS the day you left me 

but I will always have a piece of you 

That I have to take care of and that is  our son 

but that does not mean that my pain went away 

because  when I look at our son I see you 

knowing that you gave me a piece

Of you.



  • Accidental Poet

    And a beautiful son he is. Your poem is a great write too.

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    kinda sad,but life is

    • Angel-baby28

      that true but we move on from it

    • WL Schuett

      Sad and brave ....good personal poem

    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

      I can relate to this piece very much, although I don't have a child with any of my exes (THANK GOD) but, the pain remains the same. Love is a crazy thing....thanks for your friend request btw...

    • burning-embers

      And he's a piece of YOU too wonderful lady. look at all the wonderful hours you can put into his young mind, watch him grow into the man you'll be proud - oh so proud of, and one day mother.... grandchildren..... he's very very much a part of you darling lady.

      • Angel-baby28

        thank you, he's my everything in life

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