I Thought I Loved You


I loved you.


I thought your eyes were windows,

in a house that held you soul.

I wanted to desperately to be whole again

that I saw all of these glorious things behind them.


I started to throw pebbles

at your door, begging for entry.

But little did I know, that the signs

of your affection would appear

as bruises on my skin.


I failed to notice that your curtains

were drawn so tight.

And it was just the light simply

playing tricks on my eyes.


You became this reflection

of who I wished you would be.

With a perfect personality,

and a life that would make mine better.


But your window shattered.

And I finally got a glimpse into your room.

I found a completely different person,

nothing like the man I pretended you were.


I knew that I loved you,

when I started to make excuses

for the ways you hurt me.


I was so captivated by the

charming man I thought you were,

that I neglected to notice the locked doors.


But how can you love someone

who leaves behind bouquets of black eyes?


Was there a smile on your face

when I called you, begging you to stay.

Are you satisfied knowing that you broke

the unbreakable girl?


Did it stroke your ego to know

you had that much power over a person?

Or did it sicken you to the core?


I guess there’s no way of knowing.

Because as it turns out,

I never really knew you at all.


But I don’t love you anymore.

Not like I used to.


Time will heal me.

Maybe not completely,

but to the point where it only hurts

on the bad days.

And I’m going to try to only

have a few of those.


Maybe I am everything.

And he just isn't enough.

It’s not always my fault.

  • Author: kbreinich (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 13th, 2017 21:12
  • Category: Unclassified
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