Heather T




give me something I can feel


gnaw the stitches open

and bleed me from the inside

until I am only woman

lipstick smeared and wearing

the bones of men


I smell the hide of your animal

it penetrates amnesia

thrusts against the white noise

desecrates the voices

wets me until I am female skin

again and wanting


cast to the earth for cleansing

moaning guttural poetry

against the mud we make

your nails snared in the flesh of me

dirty and redeemed


condemn me to unfulfillment

I smile slow and reach for you

under coverlets of darkness

you will nurse the need

from eager slippered fingers

and we will dine upon each other

until we are sinless hungry






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  • Bibbeck

    Interesting! I think you may have been watching too many late, late night films. 😉 It's a good write though (if scary one).

    • Heather T

      No late, late night films for me! If I'm awake due to insomnia, you'll most likely find me here or stuck in a book, lol. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • FredPeyer

      Heather, you just can't stop to astound me. From the family homestead to this sultry, exciting, erotic, poetry masterpiece. It is like moving from Norman Rockwell to Jackson Pollock's 'Surreal Erotic Picture'.

      • Heather T

        Welllll...I have to keep it interesting and real. Sometimes really interesting, so I don't bore myself lol. I'm glad you liked it 😊

      • WriteBeLight

        That's a rough one Heather. True poetry.

        • Heather T

          Thanks for reading, WBL!

        • Fay Slimm.

          I need a cold shower my friend after breathlessly digesting this brilliant example of sensual imagery - a real classic if ever I read one.

          • Heather T

            I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you, my friend.

          • WL Schuett

            Cool poem you're always interesting to read I like that diversity

            • Heather T

              Thank you! I have no real explanation for the way my brain works, lol.

            • Simple-Man87

              I'm completely speechless. This was amazing.

              • Heather T

                Ah, my delight! Thank you so much.

              • malubotelho

                Wow! Wow! Wow! Superb writing. When is the book coming? What are you waiting for? I want to buy it. You are just too good.

                • Heather T

                  You make me blush, Malu! Does my poetess heart good to hear your high praise 💝

                  • malubotelho

                    You are wasting time dear. You are better than many I've read.

                  • Accidental Poet

                    What can I say? Everyone else has already said it. I do love it when I see someone dig so deep to uncover something like this.

                    • Heather T

                      Thank you for kind comments, AP!

                    • burning-embers

                      Wow.... this is woman... this is shared fulfilling physical need and greed...... can feel the passion in these words. Mind blowingly good. +fav's

                      • Heather T

                        Humble humble thanks, dear you. Makes my heart smile.

                      • Alf W

                        I'm sorry to read of your insomnia, Heather. So, at these times, if you're here, you sure write superb poetry and feed us with such good things.. thank you.

                        • Heather T

                          Oh, thank YOU. I take it in odd spells. And when I can fall asleep, I wake too early. Thank you so much for the kind appraisal!

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