Paralysed with fear

Stuck in the moment right before go
Curled up in an overcrowded room of past and present and me
Opening the windows and closing them again
Because the sunlight is too much for my ever resting eyes
Each time I try to jump the fence I get only part way there
and suddenly the fog of my fears gets to dense and there I am suspended in mid air
Amongst my spectators and my watchful critics
Using all my strength and with each wave of energy my effort is replaced with more fear
I realise I can't run away
No matter what I do, I go no where
So I'll curl up here in this overcrowded room of an overcrowded mind and wait until I become so small that no one can even see me at all


  • Duenna Leya

    I've been to this world of fear. I chose not to take permanent residence, but it took a long time to come back from it. Good write, very deep.

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