The essence of perfection


And my life, i’d live for you, you still make me feel alive.
So as long as you’re living, as long as you’re alive,
Know that i’m trying, know that for you i strive.
I’d cut both wrists and drip blood.
A familiar pain that i haven’t felt in quite a while,
But if it’s you,
I’d do everything and more, to see you smile.
You made me realise the rainbow,
When my focus was on the puddles.
You made me fall for wit, for sarcasm,
You made me realise that some people,
Are worth living for.
17, I wanted you to see me for something,
18, I see you for everything and more.
20, we will dance, so that -
30, I can visit you, so that -
40, you’ll see i’m always here,
50, we will reminisce on the memories,
60, I will remind you of this poem,
I’ll tell you, over and over,
That -
You’re the baby blue that makes the sky so loved.
We both know everyone loves a baby blue sky.
But I told you I see you more.
I see your playful purple tinges,
Entwined in your peach like pink stripes.
Your purple tinges and pink stripes are beautiful.
I see your orange strokes linger, and the odd cloud,
That always seems to ponder in the distance.
The orange strokes that mix around that cloud,
They are beautiful.
Of course i see your greys, no one admires the greys.
But I told you, I love your greys.
Please remember that they never spoil your blues, your pinks, purples and oranges.
You’re a star who said you burns anyone who gets to close.
Supernovas must be quite the sight,
I know to me that you’re the perfect sight.
So even when the rain pesters the baby hair you still have,
Remember how much of a joy you are in this world.

  • Author: JamesJohnson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 15th, 2017 15:32
  • Category: Love
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  • FredPeyer

    What a beautiful, well written declaration of love!

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