Azura Nightsong

Maybe I want a little crazy

Maybe I want a little crazy
Someone who understands the sinister smiles
The pleasure of the hunt
Stalking the cruel
putting them in their place
The sword in my hand the malicious grin
Justice dealt simply with harsh words
Hitting weak points studied long
Beat the knowledge into their heads
But could I not do more?
How could anyone sane
be able to handle my fluctuations
My ever changing state and ever searching mind
Can I not do good in the evil I brandish?
Reveling in the night's sweet song
Making sure they will not hurt again?
Giving back every wound inflicted
Letting out every pent up piece of anger
They forced me to keep inside
So that I must pour my soul onto the page
To stop myself from lashing out
A vigilante in the night
The laws of man have done me no good
Do I set my expectations too high?
Yet How could anyone understand me
Without the cracks in their mind
That so flawlessly adorn mine?
Because insanity in honesty equates with beauty
But insanity and manipulation is what tore my soul in the first place.


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