Once Upon A Time


Like every good fairytale,

there are some moments where

everything seems lost.

This story is no different.


This story is a little more colorful.

For the princess saves herself.


Growing up I always read fairytales.

You meet Prince Charming,

and he’s everything you’ve ever wanted.


The bad guy wears a black cape,

and is easy to spot.


And you get to live happily ever after. 


But how come these fairytales

never prepared me for

Prince Charming walking away.


And the feeling of numbness

that takes over your body.

And somehow that it’s much

worse than the actual heartbreak itself.


These stories never prepared me for

realizing that the bad guy

doesn’t always wear a black cape.

He’s really funny.

He makes you laugh.

And he will destroy you too.


But let’s skip to the part that matters,

the lesson that sticks.


I am not a damsel in distress.

But you already knew that.


You’ve heard the story

About how I scooped up my

own broken pieces,

and applied superglue.

Until I was mostly back together again.


About how I found new dreams.

To replace the ones I’d watched die.


About how I learned how to save myself,

from the damage one human being caused.


I learned that it’s okay to change

the princes name in your story.


I’ve changed it three times already,

I still don’t think I’m done.

And that’s okay too.


Because I am not a damsel in distress.

I am a dragon.

Breathing fear into the hearts of men.


I was made for far more beautiful things.

Chaos is only understood

when it is loved by the wild,

not the weak.


I guess the moral of this story is,

that no matter how hard you try.

No matter how much you want it,

some stories just don’t have a happy ending.


Or do they?

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  • Nicholas Browning

    They do. Just have to find them.

  • FredPeyer

    kb, I do like your poem, your writing style....straight forward, easy to read, easy to understand, making your point. Well written!
    As for the stories... some do, some don't. Been married over 40 years and we still love each other. So don't give up hope!

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