Lizzy Renee

Looking at the Sky

Looking at the clouds, 

Up high in the Sky,

Guessing shapes with a friend nearby.

"That looks like a Tree!"

"That looks like a Deer!"

Floating in the stratosphere.

Once there are no clouds, 

Just a big sheet of blue spread over the World.

At night a blanket of stars tells the World 'good night'

Later morning comes, but there is no light.

The Clouds above, don't shine they fight.

Thunder, Punching.

Lightning, screaming.

Knuckles crunching.

Rain, crying.


Later, the clouds make up,

Forgetting the big mix up.

They stay bleach white,

Floating, shining bright.


  • FredPeyer

    A beautiful poem, Lizzy. It starts so nice, all happy.....and then the unexpected rough time, but finishing on a positive note again.

  • O.G. Tone

    Good composition Ms. Renee?..The pic. Tell alot about the story.

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