7th august 2017 !!!

NEVER_LOSE_HOPE/ rachel...

Monday 7th august 2017
Raped all over again
By the same guy
In the pouring rain

He saw me by the river
Came over to me
I couldnt breathe
But that's what he couldn't see

We started talking
And ended up at a park
There was a hedge in there
Looked kinda dark

He took me in there
And started to touch me
I told him "let's not"
But he didn't leave me be

He pulled my pants down
Whenever I pulled them up
Got me against a tree
And told me to shut up

I told him it hurt and not to push
He said "I'll make it fit"
I just froze
And my heart dropped to bits

He did it without protection
So now I'm fucking scared
With my gcse results in a few days
I still wasn't heard

Once he'd done
And we walked out
He looked at me and smiled
But I kept my pout

He said to me
"You look like you've seen a ghost"
I got angry And wanted to push him
into a fucking lamp post

He walked off and I was in tears
Called up my best friend
Crying down the phone
I told her "this is the end"

I told my mum
Tears rushing down my face
"I can't believe he did this
He's such a fucking disgrace"

Rape is never okay. Stop it now!


  • Tris Eaton

    I'm so sorry that happened, this is a very good poem though

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