Disrespectfully nice


Music is the light at the end of my dark tunnel..the fire to my match....and the key to open up the lock that holds down everything I have so near and dear to me it is the only thing that can hype me up but at the same time calm me down no matter the circumstances without music my life would be an endless void of violence, self hate, and uncontrollable rage against myself and the people around me...so I salute you music because for every day that I listen to you my life becomes a little easier to live


  • burning-embers

    Keep doing the music thing, your poetry is good do you write lyrics too?
    More please.

    • Disrespectfully nice

      You know I've always wanted to since I write poetry I keep thinking to myself well I might as well start rapping since it seems like anyone that rhymes some words together just gets famous these days

      • burning-embers

        Go for it man. But the speed of rap really uses up lyrics - soaks them up, and then youve gotta be able to voice them convincingly. But if youre game for that challenge - do it. And post your rap lyrics on here for us to see please. More!

      • Disrespectfully nice

        Well thanks for the encouragement you guys I really appreciate it

      • rrodriguez

        Nicely don! I too would like to see your creations.

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