You, Me


I stopped loving myself and starting giving it all to you
I lost myself in lust, I thought I was really in love with you
I tried to give it all up, I tried to give the world to you
But when you gave it all back, my lust went dull for you
Idk what you're trying to do
But I can't keep going back and forth with you
When I'm fighting with you, I'm fighting myself
When I thought it was us against them with you
That bright red flame is going blue on you
I used to fight myself but I accept that I'm through with you
Remembering the times i should've left
What the hell was I doing with you
Idk if you were screwing with me or if i was screwing with you
You thought you were emotionless well I'm emotionless too
Constantly asking myself what am I doing with you
Thought at the end of the day, you'd help give me a clue
But you push and you push
Quite frankly I'm tired of trying for you
But I been through this before, what I'm doing ain't new with you
I must admit, I thought I'd say I do with you
Put I couldn't play myself like that, they tried to school me on you
But I was a fool for you, two hot heads one union, I thought it'd be cool with you
I found myself, who I once was way back in twenty 13
Before I let my guard down and let all these men get to me
Imma be the me, the men hated to see
On my own, getting it in, having these men envy me
I'm pretty far in life, only being 23
I'll ride through this alone before I let you have a hold on me
This relationship shit is really getting old to me
I see why I was heartless, that's who I'm prone to be
This shit right here broke me, a woman alone is who I'm soon to be.
I know in this life there is no love only I can love me
I only need me
When I feel trapped, only i can free me.
This ain't how you want it to be
But it's way too late for me
I'm messed up in the head, and what i think about is even strange to me.
I wanted to change for me, but that change wasn't made for me
A little longer, heart colder, I'm who i was destined to be.

  • Author: CJay Jones (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 20th, 2017 16:57
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 17

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