Inside Out and Double Thinking


She wore what she wanted last night
I was in a suit
You needed a win
Many pushed me out, I got the boot
Not everything is right

He tried his best not to sin
I was so weak that I couldn't fight
This was the first time I some him loot
He took something of that girl's last night
I hope he won't get the chance to start again

Well, Biology walked slow on his behalf
Seconds later the swimmers have to show strength
Lifeguards didn't do their job on the vast sea of teens
Worse, they didn't even try. They looked past a good length
I wish I could have stopped them. I wasn't there to be a soldier with a staff

He would take and take until he took it all, if he had the means
His lack of compassion makes me laugh
In this sea of people I spent most of my time on the bank
Maybe I'm jealous of his confidence. I only have half
What's wrong with some people? Probably a lot more than it seems

Good stories can fill a summer
Bad ones can make you regret
Today I feel sick, but I didn't do anything wrong
He'll have trouble in life, I bet
His tale is a bummer

Being sweet gets old, but it never lasts long
I think I should get more kindness, the older I get I always need some more
Something always changes, the sun always sets
Why are people such animals? Always obsessed with blood and gore
Relationship? We didn't even talk long

Currently I feel like Saturdays are my only relief
There’s something with those sophomores
Take a few, Buddy
Guess why, she thinks I'm a bore
Maybe I'm just too nice. That's now my belief

Knees fall and tongues speak. They're all hypocrites, pigs all muddy
I want to take what I want. Like a shark in a reef
They all make fun, of what I said and wore
I had to hit back harder. I still live with grief
Why were they all so mean to me?

At least I can look forward with hope
Not talking to her stopped two year of restarts
ugly day that's a fact
I never was into spades, I'm more for hearts
Did you want the ball? Nope

My feelings are hurt but my shirt's intact
So, I carry on, up life's rope
I feel so tired all the time. I can't use my feet just roll me on karts
Don't cry, don't mope
I always knew I could act

I'm done with this
Life is only happy when you don't care very much
downfield she rifled the ball. Another for the school in the mounted goal
Why is that relationship meaningless. Our’s is such
My spot stock seems to go up and then Drop. I wish I had some of his

Awesome! I'm on a roll
I'll take down all those snakes that hiss
I came to fight but they were out to lunch
I played myself, didn't get a kiss
That’s my problem with my life. I keep giving when they all just stole



  • Author: Tomo (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 20th, 2017 20:45
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • myself and me

    "Life is only happy when you don't care very much",
    Good point, that's how simple happy is.
    Love your writing.

    • Thoff1

      Thanks so much!

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