Simply Jimyra

The eyes of a stranger

Tell me what is running your head when you look at me. Do you miss me like i miss you? Are you happy that your finally free? Are you happy that you finally got away from me. Now you can go back to what you had before. Before me it was her. I cried because i felt like i couldnt make you love me. I cried because you were becoming distant and started giving her that girlfriend attention. Every day you put my heart in dentention just so you can go and get what you've been missing. Once again you went back to what you had before. Before me it was her. Making me feel like the other women. Every time we kissed i felt like you pictured me a her. You probably caressed me like you did her. Held me like you did her. Our relationship was your fixed imagination of what you and her had before i came into the picture. You defended her name better than you did my own and he named had emojis inside of your phone. I bet you answered when she called. I bet you loved when she acted like she couldn't live without you but neither can i. I was the once who couldn't breath because my relationship was being swept right from under my feet. It disappeared right before my very eyes. Tell me you dont love me. Tell me that your tired of pretending. Tell me that your done trying to fill that void that you miss of her. Tell me that your ready to move on...tell me that you love her and we can call it quits. Tell me that every time we made love you was making love to her. With every thrust you was bringing back memories of the positions you had her in. Tell me that every time you said i love were wishing you were saying it to her. I cant even be mad at her because its you whos feelings this way. I asked myself whats it gonna be..can we work on you and me? We cant because you telling me that the love you feel for her will always be here and i can either accept it or walk away. You always said i had you and thats all that matters but..but..but.. You loved still love her. When you said that you opened the door to go back to what you had before..before me it was her. The girl who stole your heart while i was loving something that could and would never be.

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