Tale of Azuranna

Azura Nightsong

Weary traveler trudging along an endless road of pain

Blisters adorned her feet like jewels, so little kept her sane

She Stumbled upon a deity in his emerald realm

A being of immortal grace with jewels upon his helm

With radiant wings unfurled behind he bowed to her instead

Professing his love and adoration, without her he'd be dead

And then he brought a golden chalice, containing her best life

She could drink and end her troubles if she'd become his wife

Accept his hand, stay by his side, the drought would take effect

It did not take much to fall for him, his charms were quite direct

Finally she accepted the fee, and was promptly swept away

And yet despite his promises, faced troubles every day

And as the days went passing by each dream she would confer

Would magically appear before, yet would not ease her distress

Yet still she could not leave his embrace , she was to far in love

She could do nothing yet pray to the other gods above

He confessed to her several time he was not all he had told

But his words were not believed, what could be beneath pure gold?

A queen with glorious destinies, she watched her family turn away

No matter how many monsters she defeated, there were always more to slay

Her mind split into pieces, she questioned everything she was

As he guided her to discover old paths, and he had all her trust

She gave him every piece of her, and thought he had done the same

Until he got her sent to hell, revealing his whole game

Guardian angels came storming in, and quickly wrenched her away

And nursing her withdrawal for months, saw the light of day

Her deity so tenderly loved was a demon in disguise

A master of deceit he had weaved a web of lies

He took her deep desires and tainted them with despair

So she would never want to leave, forever stay in his snare.

His chalice of life held the poison running through her veins

So that half a year later, she still wonders if she's sane.


  • Author: Azura Nightsong (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 22nd, 2017 15:28
  • Category: Unclassified
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