P.X. Vexxus

He stands within the darkness of the decaying storm

Feeling the raw power of nature as it devours his form

He is a frozen statue, bound to a world of broken force

The crimes of humanity lie before him like shattered quartz

An exposed society hangs beneath dripping despair

Corruption and greed lead people with a hungering stare

Grinding their freedom and dreams into a hopeless dust

The tyrannical power is resented with a merciless disgust

With renewed vigor, the clouds burst into an explosive frenzy

Frozen swords slice the air with an unstoppable frigid intensity

He erupts with brilliance, a savior hidden behind distraught calamity

Each step an earthquake, his breath a hurricane, he bends gravity

Within his hands he holds balance, an undeniable force of power

His anger turns to vengeance, for the king who rules like a coward

His voice booms throughout the kingdom, a challenge mightier than thunder

The people watch in awe as a man stands before the king outnumbered

With a flick of his wrist, the battle is balanced

The king watches in horror, as his army is silenced

The storm surrounds the battlefield, consuming the two men

Blade meets blade as they charge each other time and again


Tornadoes rip apart the landscape, as the battle is fought

Sweat rolls from their bodies, as the world turns to frost

With each blow, the castles crumble, impenetrable walls decay

The people watch helpless as their power takes everything away

With a tremendous shout lightning explodes from the desolate sky

Striking the barren landscape where the kingdom used to reside

The inexplicable horrors of war naught but a fantasy come alive

The corrupt king drops to his knees, beaten and ready to die

A man of hatred and revenge stands victorious above the defeated king

The king grovels and whimpers, pleads for his life upon the brink

With a murderous gaze, he stabs the king through his shallow heart

He names himself the new king and the cycle of power restarts

  • Author: P.X. Vexxus (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 23rd, 2017 00:52
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