"Are you doing okay"

"Are you feeling alright"

the questions they ask

no answers ever right

"I'm fine" I reply with a painted on smile

"You're lying" they say in their usual style

But if I told the truth about how I felt

"I'm feeling unimportant and anxious please help"

They would tell me I'm being dramatic

So I'll just lie as I slip into the static


  • Mugsdaddy

    It's sad so many people feel like this you definitely nailed it. Excellent write.

  • Bibbeck

    I know where you're coming from in these words (did it over many years of childhood). You write well. More concerned over your profile comment though - what you write is not cr*p; how can it be when it comes from you, reflecting your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I always found it easier to put on a smile, to pretend I was o.k. until I realised that I was lying to myself and was unhappy because I was doing all to please everyone else. Take a deep breath and be proud to be yourself. With a heart as good as yours, you will always have friends and respect.

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