Sara Storkson

Let me uncomplicate us / Inner demons

Notice of absence from Sara Storkson
Hey guys,
Due to some unforseen personal stuff I will be gone for awhile.

"I want to be in the moment with you
Arms around your waist
My face nestled into your neck
Breathing in your scent
Knowing that whatever happens
We'll always have this night of pure bliss"


Inner demons
Eating at your once happy soul
Losing all hope
For love
Not having the will to fight
For what you deserve
Inner demons
Telling you "you aren't good enough"
"You're worthless" "You're stupid" "You're fat" you're this you're that
Inner demons
You can't fucking control me.
Inner demons
you don't get to tell me how to feel
Inner demons
You don't get to take away my hope
Inner demons
You haven't taken my hope.


  • dusk arising

    Two good pieces here worth posting separately i thought, however. First one is just heavenly isn't it, a statement of pure romantic love well written and heartfelt by both reader and writer. Second one is all to familiar for me, i'm usually the positive but know this struggle all too well. You express it beautifully here. Nice work.

    • Sara Storkson

      I'm going to repost the first one. I wrote it in my phone. My phone started acting up and at that moment I didn't want to lose it. Thank you for your continued support love♡ The first poem is about my future(hopefully). I'll let you know with more poetry what ends up happening.

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