Country Girl

Summer breeze

As I stand here alone, I allow myself to think. Here I stand, with nothing lose but all to gain. My best lines are taken by this summer breeze. Past those flying fisherman and those beautiful streams. With those singing baby birds, while their mum's fly so high. I sit here and wonder which day can truly be mine? The day for me to hold, for me to understand. For me to know what's going on without an exam. This is all so sudden, how am I meant to understand? What is the difference between you and me? I cannot be perfect, so please don't expect me to be. Why can I not just shake this off? Pretend like it's nothing, and just carry on. I try to balance my life with yours, I just cannot do that anymore. So let's just sit and enjoy the peace, The summer sun and breeze. For tomorrow it is the fall, When it will all change. So here I stand, with these beautiful streams no questions answered but a purpose made.

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