I stand alone in the dark and let the rain fall upon my face
A black eye and a busted lip; In my mouth, a bitter copper taste
My heart weighs heavy with concern for my fellow man
But it matters not how much I fight for them, they make no attempt to understand
It changes nothing, I only fight harder
So when you're looking the other way, someone is still watching your son or daughter
When you're not standing up for what's right, I am the someone who will
And you'll sleep safe in your beds because I'm the one they will come to kill
This is a fool's errand, I know, but I do this for you
Not because you deserve it; I do it because someone has to
When a robber snatches your purse, I will run them down and get it back
When a psycho grabs your child, I'm the one who gives their skull a crack
When corrupt business and governments overstep, I will lend my voice
And when I am lynched for it you will know it was my choice
They say there are no good men left or that we never really existed
Because every time someone needed a hero, only half-wits enlisted
So I gladly scrape and bloody my knuckles, armed with only a knife
Eye for an eye, life for a life
Evil prevails when good men fail to act, but I remain vigilant
And when evil shows its ugly face, I will be there without incident

By LukeCoomer ©

  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 24th, 2017 11:08
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  • LukeCoomer

    Wow thanks for all the love

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