Samreen Chowdhury

New chapter Of life🥀

Can you hear me?

im sorry but right now I'm not free because I'm a burden and I can't see,

will you catch me when I fall? 

Im stuck in my mind,forgive me because I'm lost and far away.

im feeling sad but I hold on everyday.

I told you the feeling,that kind of thing or emotion we held on for a while.

i don't want to be sad,I don't want to be bad because I know that you'll make it alright,you will make it better and better and better.

im sorry I'm just lost and far away,and I think I'm falling down.

im in my position,weather it's wrong or right I can not emphasise it enough of how much pain this is causing and it only just started.

i hope you can hear me,you opened my eyes and took me out of the storm,made me feel better when I can't see clearly in my mind.

dont you worry one day it's going to be okay, because we're going home,peace and passion. We're going to  leave this world where there's only a night of two humans,being young and free and it's going to happen one day.

look at all around you,look from where your standing,feel the love around you,hear my voice through the wind,listen to the rain drops as my laughs,and smile because that's you.

for now hold on tight because we're going home.

i hope you hear me and catch me when I fall.



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