A Single Thread

I reach out my hand to catch the light

But I am unable.

My wings are clipped,

My feet are tied,

My heart is locked away.

My blood only runs free;

Slowly draining the hope of life,

As time drives the past further with death’s icy knife.


Like the sun burning away dawns sleepy shroud;

I awaken.

Like a mother’s warm embrace;

I smile.

Like a crimson flower unfolding its delicate petals to catch the sun;

I open my heart and fill it with love.

Love for kin and friends alike,

Love for knowledge which gave me this light,

But lead me to a one way bridge burdened with the weight of my oppression.


I walk among the ghosts,

Whose weight hath throne them from the path

Whose minds hath split from insane despair

When they knew that death,

Was the only life they lead.

I must escape this endless lume,

That only weaves a single thread,

Stained with blood of young and old,

Whose fates already have been sold.


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