Same Old Town

I'm back in this same old town

Just a few houses down, from yours.

All I can think about is

The green shutters on your house.

How your hair always smelled of cinnamon.

Your beautiful eyes, and gorgeous smile, lighting up my whole world.

You are so beautiful.

You have the kindest soul.

All I can think about is you.

Late at night when I can't sleep, I find myself thinking of you and me.

Wondering what would we have become.

Every relationship I've been in, I always find myself comparing them to you.

No one will ever measure up to how sweet, sensitive, and brilliant you are.

Excuses keep running through my mind, reasons why I can come knocking on your door.

You are the most amazing person I know.

I know I need to stay away, can't come crashing into your life like a hurricane.

I still remember our heartbreak, like it was yesterday.

We were both in tears, making promises to never forget the love we shared.

I understand where you came from, your parents never would of approved of us.

It's just sad, you had to compromise your heart, just to please them.

They had no problem with us as friends, but they suspected it was more than that, and now here we are.

So far apart, but both of us in this same old town.


  • FredPeyer

    A sad story, but beautifully written!

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