Kevin B.

The Blanket of Anxiety

Alone In the dark I ponder my thoughts.
My mind overthinking while it ever more rots.
My brain speaking so loud to me.
All my fears and ideas and thoughts speaking over each other like like men in a argument.
I sigh in exhaustion my body feeling ever more spent.
I shut my eyes tightly trying to unwind and settle my mind.
The thoughts get louder and louder as more of them I try to drowned.
Louder and louder they get as they pound my head with sound.
The thoughts have become questions and more and more are formed.
Soon I have more questions then answers.
I feel like a astronaut that's been asked to be a dancer or a singer whose been told they have lung cancer.
I can't breathe, and I want to shout but I have no air...I'm all out.
I'm alone in the dark, with no one to care.
I feel anxious an desperate for someone to be there.
I reach out hoping to touch someone and say "help me", but I only touch air.
I'm losing the fight.
I fought and fought with all my might...
My confidence left me and is clean out of sight...
My breaths become quicker and less controlled, and just like flipping a switch I'm out, like a light.

I wake up alone and realize it's still night.
All alone In an apartment
No one's there I realize as I scream outright...
Nothing but silence answers back.
Sound is what silence lacks.
Sound can be loud but Silence...Silence is deafening..


  • Accidental Poet

    More than just understood Kevin. Hope the voices stay quiet for a while. But keep your muse ready with pen and paper. ; )

  • orchidee

    Sensitive write K.

  • lost-but-not-broken17

    I feel on this so hardcore. Love this piece!

  • Christina8

    I understand the anxiety piece. Just keep writing and thanks for sharing with us!

  • Neville

    Yes indeed, this is good too.....

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