Angry Man

His eyes, blood shot red.

A broken beer bottle in his hand.

When I look at him I see an angry man, but she saw a helpless lad.

I blame him, for her broken heart.

He thought he could dissemble her, from the very start.

Couldn't he hear her weeping through the night, scared to death of the morning rise.

His heart shriveled down to the size of a pea, and he couldn't see that his daughter was hurting more than he.

He spoke cruel words, his actions were malicious.

He was brutal, callous, and heartless.

His daughter told me he had once been kind and gentle, but now he is just an angry despicable man.

She thought she could change him back, but that is an impossible task.

For he is just an angry man.

Where she lived was not an abode, it was a living nightmare that she holds.

He tore her heart to pieces , he as her father was supposed to keep it safe.

The pain she holds in her heart, she hopes one day will cease to exist.

Her heart feels broken inside, she wants it to be fixed.

She soon became wary that he will ever change, but she will always have a sliver of hope, that she won't be forever alone.  

I will only ever see an angry man, but she still remains optimistic that one day she will see her dad.

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