How We Fell

  You were an artist and I knew how to appreciate your work, whether it was words that flew onto your page or colors that splattered onto your canvas, I was utterly mesmerized by everything you created
  It all came so naturally to you and I just wanted to know how, every gear that twisted into the next to getting everything started, I wanted to know every detail of how you reached perfection with every stroke
  You sat there looking at your work and each second it became less appealing to you, while I sat there imagining the things that ran through your head as you spilled onto this once blank sheet, the awe that I had for every inch of what I believed to be a masterpiece caught your eye
  It took seconds for you to see me the way I saw your work, you were mesmerized by my smile and the way my eyes gleamed when I praised your talent, you believed that I had no flaws
  You were captivated by the assumed beauty you thought was me, but the thing was that you could create beauty from nothing, and nothing was what I couldn't be.

-GC (19)


  • Faye99

    This is beautiful work, job well done!

    • GMC

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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