The Attempt (The End Pt.2)

Salvation laid out in front of me

The number on the clock read seven

My affairs have already been arranged

Hell is where my heart is destined

My goodbyes have been sent to heaven


With my hands folded on my lap

I have time for one last prayer

Let the world forget what they saw

Harden my kids’ heart to prepare

For the sight you will see, will be that of despair


I’ve taken the abuse and have stood tall

But failing you cut my Achilles heel

With all other options exhausted

On the cold linoleum, I kneel

The cylindrical freedom, on my chin, I feel.


Double action requires less movement

Give me the strength for just one squeeze

Unable to see through the tears

I’ll take that strength now, please

Delaying my release.


The sound that follows, will forever echo

Convincing me I may be sick

Craving the flash and darkness

But receiving a “click”

Rebuilding my life, brick by brick.


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