Prison love

Since this  all  started i have been  saying you will learn to trust me,
I can see wen i look at you now that you love me,
The trust will come  once i prove myself as loyal,
Then we can live as king and queen and have a life royal,
I try to not make you worry or stress,
I give you all i have and i settle for less,
Why would i do all of this if it wasnt all real?
Why would i ride it with you if love wasnt what i feel?
This is not easy and its breaking my heart,
Knowing your the ONLY man i have ever loved and we have to be apart,
If i wanted aomeone else i wouldn't be here,
Why would  i put myself through all these emotions  and all the tears,
I worry about you in there cause i know theres nothing i can do to help you,
I know this is stress and causes insecure  feeling for both us two,
But i believe we can do this if we work  together,
Build ourselves a bright future to last forever,
I promise to always have your back, love and suppport you,
I promise to take the good with the bad and my best  always do,
In you i have found  my perfect  match,
You keep me on my toes  and your a catch,
But besides the obvious your good looks and charm,
I see deeper than that i see your love and calm,
I see how vulnerable you are from the ups and downs in your past,
But what we have, what we are building i have every intention of making it last,
I want a family and a future with you me and you together
I want the ups and the downs and i want all this forever,
You do whatever you need to so you know im true,
Because the only  person  in the whole wide world i want is you,
I promise  to be you lover, partner and best friend,
And i promise you all of this until my very end.
All my love
Your wife

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