What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

As a child I wanted to be an actress - a star
With my name known near and far
To be the protagonist of many a show
with a list of accolades that continued to grow
To wear fancy dresses and a have nice lifestyle
was this girls dream for a short while
Now I am happy that I didn't turn out to be
a famous actress - I am happy being me

Despite the fact that He's eighty six
BUZZ ALDRIN is keen to colonise MARS
How will we get there ~ how will we mix ?
There will be no Bars or Motor Cars !
There's plenty of WATER ~ so that is nice
But there ain't no oxygen to breath
And no liquid water ~ just deep frozen ice
It's a one way ticket ~ there ain't no leave !
I'm a SCIENTIST so I don't really care
I have no dependents ~ so no one would miss
We can make OXYGEN when we're there
And FEMALE ASTRONAUTS ~ love to kiss
There is soil so we could grow food
And the SUN ain't so much further away
SOLAR PANELS for power ~ clean & good
And just the same length is the Martian Day !
So I don't want to preen with the Hollywood Stars
Win the GRAND PRIX ~ be a Billionaire
I just want a ONE~WAY ~ Ticket to Mars
And spend my life with the COLONISTS THERE !
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Growing up I wanted to be a Vet.
Simply because I loved animals and took in every stray as a pet.
No matter whether cat, dog or even a frog or a bird.
I would talk to them lovingly although they probably understood not a word.
To be a Vet was my goal.
But, it was off to make clothing that I finally did stroll.
Later to give my love in my own day care.
No longer to make clothing for people to wear.

When I was a kid, I dreamed to be a teacher
Standing in front the blackboard
With my magic wand
Create a wanderland for those naive hearts
Now I grew up, I want to be a naive kid
Live in the wanderland

I wanted to be resued from the cruel tyranny of my mother...i lived in fear every day i wasnt allowed to have toys (she believed they made children stupid...taught them to covet and be disobedient)
i was given books and told to sit and read.
I wasnt allowed to show emotions of any kind
(she was a violent sociopath and the only emotions she possessed were contempt, rage, lust, & greed)
i was given a strict code of rules to follow, failures were severely punished...
But one day...when i was 10 a beautiful warrior queen came to my rescue...she spirited me away and protected me...and took me all over the world and taught me to protect myself and taught me everything that i know...i call her Aunty...sister to my evil mother.

The choice was mine,
What would I want,
Want to be when I was old?
And it seemed so old
That I would reach eighteen,
And need to go to work.
Did I want to be a soldier,
Just like my Uncle John?
It crossed my mind,
But no.
As school progressed
Science took over my mind,
I wanted to be a scientist.
So I worked hard,
Got my qualifications in the sciences,
I knew that zoology would be for me.
Then it happened,
The job came along,
And I went into Analytical Nuclear Chemistry.
How did that happen!!

My DAD was a newspaper Man
And I was his pride and Joy
He said you'll work with me one day
Work hard and do well at School my BOY !
I worked hard at English Lit
I love Good Books ~ Poetical Words
Thought about ~ Journalism ~ for a bit
Report and write Columns ~ with the NERDS !
MOI ~ being a HACK ? My Dad's Dream
Alas it was never a Dream of mine
So I told my Dad ~ "Dad I'm science Mad"
And will be 'til the end of time !
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My dream job was always to be a nurse
to help others when they were in need
My mission was clear since the age of three
I was proud to finally get my degree
And make a difference in the lives of others

To be a teacher was another one of my dreams
to educate the youth and help them to build self-esteem
Educators are shaping the future everyday
They make a difference on very little pay
Teachers should be respected and deserve more
They dedicate their days to help the children soar.

What will I be when I grow up - well let me explain:
I'll be a scientist who invents a pill
not one to take when you're feeling ill
but a tablet that'll make me young once gain.
Michael Edwards

I will be a star.
Not the kind cast through light from a TV Screen.
The kind that's seen afar.
~George C. Biester

My truest dream is to change this world
As hate and lies run rampant, unfurled
I wish to inspire and one day set my mark
Bring light to others, before I go dark

GUITAR ~ CLASSICAL ~ sweet as an ANGEL Harp
UNLIKE GUITAR ~ ROCK ~ Cacophony of a DEMON !
I ALWAYS wanted to be an auhtentic Classical Guitarist
THE NEAREST I got was finger style ~ for Folk & Country
ALWAYS TOO BUSY ~ to have the time to master notaticon
REALISE now it's too late ~ and still to busy to practice CLASSICAL !
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add your POEM ~ BRIAN ~ XOX
This Poeem is presented as an Acrostic on the word G U I T A R

I also dream of being a great mother
It's an important job like no other
To care for my children and show them the way
To be loving, respectful people everyday

PARENTS ~ Biologically are People
ADULTS generally ~ who have Fathered or
REALLY Mothered a CHILD ! Most ladies ~ really
EXPECT To have the opportunity and privilege ~ to
NURTURE a CHILD a Childhood Dream ! What about MEN ? Do
THEY DREAM of being DAD's ? Perhaps ~ but we don't talk about it !
Thanks to all who posted a POEM ~ Love B & S XOX



    MUY BUEN ~ PRECIOSA MIA ! Great topic which stirred the Hearts & Muses of our MEMBERS 15 poems (max) in just FOUR DAYS ~ Love your two ODES and all the rest ~ you even stirred my MUSE Muchos Besos y Abrazos por tu ~ BRIAN the Bard !

  • Santita

    Thank you to everyone for participating on this fusion! We enjoyed reading about your dreams through your poetic words! Look out for the next one - to be posted by Brian!
    Much love to all,

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      What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?



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