What No One Ever Talks About

School’s well.

School bell.

School’s hell.


One hundred eighty days.

I must say,

I think it’s making me insane.


Counting down since day one

this place doesn’t know of fun.


Students hate.

Adults say it’s great.

They pretend they can’t see

the bullying


People pretend to be okay

because the day

they see you’re weak

expect to be beat.


This place is a series of games,

where you pretend there’s no other way


Kids versus kids

trying to get rid

of one another


Kid versus teacher

treated like a dangerous creature.


Forth and back,

never ending attacks.


Yet no one says anything,

all the more hell to bring.


The aftermath is stunning

no one is running.

Everyone sits in silence

and lets the violence

take over.


In these games, we always play,

no one wins.



  • FredPeyer

    Well penned poem. About the subject, what can i say!

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