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 CNN - Canard News Network– No Quarter


They use black and white fallacy for political gains

Relentlessly assault until no character remains

They twist the truth to serve their crony’s affairs

Fewer groups controlling the decreasing shares



In a sea of trivia, principal stories are lost

Diverted facts make us forget at all cost

Propaganda on the menu of the news they spin

Like little clubfoot did in fascist Berlin



We have few Princes and Earls today

But we have their equals of the modern day

The wealthy and powerful seek to manage the news

Hide truth behind madness while employing a ruse



Using smug Ginny reporters from the empire state

Who rode daddy’s coat-tails just like a skate

Their Bad news sells, their truth is distorted

Their fake news trumps important issues not reported





CNN, where fake news is reported

Where lies are real and truth is distorted

CNN, no longer a news foundation

It’s where fake news got its reputation


  • Louis Gibbs

    A fine commentary on the sorry state of slanted, biased 'news' reporting these days, from all sources. Well expressed, NQ!

    • Noquarter4

      Louis, Thank you for the kind words. The whole country is a mess and i feel it is getting divided. It is really hard for an American to get unbiased news today. Everyone has an agenda. Did you catch the line about Chris Como?

      • Louis Gibbs

        I missed it. Which was it?

      • Noquarter4

        Did you all catch the swipe at Chris Cuomo?

      • lasergraph

        If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth, that is what they are counting on.

        • Noquarter4

          You are so right brother. They find something that fits their agenda and repeat it over and over knowing it's a lie, but it gets a lot of attention. When they finally have to retract it, the retraction get just a fraction of the attention the lie got. It is so hard for the average American to get an unbiased news report.

          • lasergraph


          • Noquarter4

            The line where is says about using a smug reporter from the empire state who rode his daddy's coat-tail like a skate. That family has and is in the New York governor's office

          • Candlewitch

            due to the average intelligence being low...most Shepole just hear it, repeat it as fact and go along! they never question, or think for themselves... it is a very sad state of affairs!

            *hugs, Cat

            • Noquarter4

              You are absolutely right. Nobody questions authority anymore. It's to a point where you do not know who you can trust.

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