Little Rabbi


I wonder aimlessly,
I find myself on a street corner,
I gaze across the street to see two characters pitching a twitching figure against a bench.
The foreign accents of my friends whisper in the back,
My conscious tells me to intervene,
My brain tells me to keep walking aimlessly.
I soon find myself standing next to the figure.
He has gone from a distant shadow to a man.
His friends explain to me that they are homeless and do not know this man well,
I continue my stream of questions as I hold this warm and wrinkly human.
He is so helpless, when I look into his grayish-blue eyes I see those of a child.
I position his head and tongue as to allow him to breath,
Fully expecting him to take a turn for the worst,
My luck up to that point would only see it so
I held this man like a mother holding her son I reassured him it'd be alright.
Earl it will be okay,
Earl I'm here for you,
Earl I won't let anything happen to you.
A connection formed,
I was his angel that day.
His saint.
Just as I began to feel responsible for earl the sirens began to wail in the background.
A man in a fire department uniform introduced himself to us.
I stood up,
Gave my report,
My vitals,
And my suspicions.
The man with no compassion simply explained "yes, we know earl very well."
They placed him on a gurney and wheeled him away.
As they lifted earl I turned to his friends and said "god bless y'all."
Without any formalities or questions I turned my back and walked away.
My friends formed around me with questions,
I continued to wonder aimlessly.



  • TN96

    I brilliant story! This drew me in more than a lot of professional poems!

  • poetboy5454

    A wonderful act only matched by a spectacular poem!

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