The Roots Still Dream In the Land Of the Free

The American dream is precious, the American dream is pure,

Those that come may prosper, and those that prosper may rule,

By climbing the tree of prosperity, in the land of the free,

Only now the tree has fallen, with no top for me to see,

The only way to bridge the gap is up the magical money tree,

So man created heaven and hell, in the land of the free,

The corporate giants in the heavens, and the masses a fiery sea,

But one could say the masses, are in fact the roots of fallen trees,

Only now the soil is covered by impenetrable titanium sheets,

But hard and deep the little roots dig, with a revolution hidden in plane sight,

Hear the roots battle cry shake the earth as they in unison, prepare to fly.




  • poetboy5454

    A world taken by those hidden in shadows. Stupendous write!

    • TN96

      Thankyou very much!! I have just read your bio and you seem very switched on for your age ☺️ Never let your desire fade.

    • FredPeyer

      Like your poem, NT. I used to know what 'The American Dream' meant, not so sure anymore. For many it turned into 'the American Nightmare'. After the 2nd WW, the 'American Dream' was taylor-made for the US middle class. Unfortunately, this middle class seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. And so is the so-called 'American Dream'.
      Very well written poem!

    • Accidental Poet

      And relate that I do. I live here in the US and I'm none too happy with the direction our new (so called) leader is taking us. I hope we can impeach him soon. Great write here TN.

      Side note: I love the note you left in BlueDays entry of "Blood On the Bed". ; )

      • TN96

        Thankyou! And I can imagin! Tough times over here to politically unfortunately.

        • Accidental Poet

          I have a poem I wrote a year ago called Political Overload. I'll post it soon.

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