Light And Darkness

Light Knows Darkness Eternally Well

Some Live Heaven, Others Hell

Ghostly Spirit Awards Great Energy

Shadowy Soul Makes Things Aplenty

Fire Brings Light And Warmth

Sacrificing, Until Dark Once More

Man Meets Woman, Says Hi

Looks Into Her Eyes, Sparks Fly

True Love Need Not Try

Light A Path For Life

For Darkness Knows No Time


  • myself and me

    "True Love Need Not Try"
    My favorite line.
    Beautiful poem, beautiful picture.

    • Shine

      Thank you. I will post more soon. This is my second poem, with four or five edits.

    • Santita

      A superbly written piece, with layers of meaning! That last line lingers with me "darkness knows no time". Excellent straight to my faves.

      • Shine

        Thank you, my first draft of this poem I had written it as, "For Darkness Knoweth No Time". I wrote it in this way to do just that.

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