Examine Before Seventeen


Can a year bite you
I planned for rejection, failure, and disappointment
I'm glad that wasn't totally true
The bad, like the good, came and went

The subject of the story is beauty
Wearing fine silk the girl danced from me to the next guy
I feel frozen in my body
Sometimes you just need to ask why?

I am so afraid of getting hurt again that I don't feel anything for her
She’s it! Sure, of course she is. I'll fall for that again
I’m going up the stairs to get some more
She's too good for me. I hope we can be friends

There are very many things I haven't tried
Live with that much pain? I would have rather died
They want only what they can't get
Why live that way? You can't regret

I saw them out on the lawn
As the great Rabbi taught I kept taking precise notes. They yawned
I still don't really fit in
Many times I have wished I could begin again

Start over and see how great things would be for all these years
How great would my life be if I wasn't strangled by these fears
At least I have what I have
I am who I am. May it be that way until I'm in my grave

  • Author: Tomo (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 31st, 2017 20:01
  • Category: Reflection
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  • FredPeyer

    Well written, a lot of emotion. While it is true that you are who you are, you can also be who you want to be! 🙂

    • Thoff1


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