What My Mother Taught Me

My mother taught me that I am worth more I think

that my fallen tears , although gold, should be kept in the soul,

but only if the tears I rain from my eyes are made from the dark clouds of someone else.


That it is alright to feel, for it is alright to hurt,

but to never lose sense of my self worth.

And someone's stabbing words should never make me bleed.


She told me it is normal for my heart to break,

she told me that some nights it'll feel as if it shattered into a million, broken pieces.

But to never rely on or search for someone to fix it, and that I hold my own super glue.


She said that it's part of growing up, to become so deeply attached to someone,

and then become devastated when they cut your anchor and the attached ropes.

But maybe that weight was holding me down, and now I can sail free.


So although I lay in bed, with a sadness I can't describe,

I am turning my tears into golden lakes

I am no more than prickled by your words

I am finding my super glue

I am sailing free.





  • Christina8

    Baeutiful write! Your mother is a very wise woman! I love the ending. She has given you wings and turned you into a very strong young lady!

  • FredPeyer

    That is a very beautiful poem, Amanda! I am really glad you found your super glue! Way to go, girl!

  • khughes

    Wonderful message

  • WL Schuett

    That's a lovely poem , well done !

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