How did we get here?

What do you do
When your in year 10
When you feel like things
Are coming to an end

The fight is hard
The struggle is real
He doesn't understand
Or even know how I feel

The distance between us
Grows more every day
But what do you do
Do you choose to stay?

There is a child in this mess

A child who deserves the very best

A mother and father is what he will have
As we promised him this from the start

I'm not sure how to do this you see
The love we once shared is fading fastly
How do you step forward put it all away?
This is where im stuck please fix me.

Fix this mess we let get out of hand
I'll get down on my knees, I'm not to proud to beg
This man I love was sent from above and then we was blessed with a son to love.

A child who deserves the best

not to settle like the rest  oh this child we love so much, this is why I feel a rush  

to give to him the best that we can

two people that come together hand in hand,

I will do all that I can to make his father a happy man

 You blessed us with our family generously,           please help us get back to how we used to be. 

Joking laughing having a good time no animosity between he an I.


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